2022 year-end tax tips for inspectors

2022 end of year tax tips for inspectors


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thank you Nick

Good stuff Nick!

Thanks for posting that info Nick.

You’re welcome. I do them myself.

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I think a lot of people would be surprised just how easy it is to do your own taxes if you use TurboTax or similar software. I use H&R Block’s software and have always done my own. This includes some years where we have had some fairly complex items with investments, our businesses, and with kids and college tuition, etc. The software walks you through everything in interview style format, making it pretty simple. Doing your own also gives you a lot of insight on things you can do to cut your taxes.


Good tips, having owned a company before, I realize the deductions. You have a few tips that I was not aware of. Thank you

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Thanks Nick!

Good info Nick!
I still use an accountant though.
We have a lot of other things than just the business to deal with… :wink:

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