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Planning to begin this course tomorrow as part of my membership requirements…thanks Guys!

Starting now

I have taken this course and the exam, please email me a course of direction for better absorption of the course materials, if you would. Thank you advance. FNT

The purpose of this course is to teach 25 building standards and good practices related to inspecting systems and components in a residential dwelling. It is intended to raise the awareness and understanding of numerous building standards and good practices.

It is not important for every home owner to know everything the inspector knows.

getting started now - i have just started doing appraisals and hope this course will be helpful to expanding my knowledge

Good way to start - looking forward to learning more.

Starting the training as of 1/3/2013… Wish me luck

Starting Course as of 01/03/2013

Inter Nachi courses are very informative.

Starting 1-3-13

The Inter Nachi organization has better courses than most of the sources I have come in contact with since I became an inspector. However; some of the threads and messaging have become an unnecessary labor.

Starting this course, time now!!!

Starting now…

Welcome to the world of INACHI!

Thank you , this is going to be good …starting now

starting now

Thanks Guys, just had surgery. Can’t think of a better way to convalesce then to further my education for my new career!!! Happy New Years to all!!!

Starting 1-4-13