2x4 in drain pan

Why is this done (2x4’s in drain pan)? There were water stains present in one of the pans, and both had the wood in the pans. The house is a year old, with two 5 ton heat pump/air handlers.



Because it is cheap.

Call it out Dylan, even though it is the secondary drip pan it is wrong, they would have been better off using bricks.

Prevention of secondary flow right? Wtare stainds were there anyway. Friggin Sunday inspections. I should be watching Family Guy right now.

Not blocking of flow so much, as the wood will eventually rot.

Wood + Water + Spores = Mold

Hey Doug where did you math answer go, it was good.

I missed it

I’ve seen foam blocks, not wood before.



It was redundant; you beat me to the punch on the right answer. We must have been posting at the exact same time.

Probably intended for sound deadening. The HVAC installer will not be around in 3 years when the wood rots away.

Jim King