4 years and still missed

Ditto! Gerry would be impressed with what Ben has done.

Gerry and I were very close there isn’t too many days that go by where he doesn’t come to mind. Gerry had a vast knowledge of roofing systems and together we took on some really odd ball inspection jobs like a country club, a 120 year old mansion and numerous commercial buildings. When I went took a vacation Gerry would literally run my business, that is the level of trust we shared.

One thing for sure, if Gerry was your friend he would help do whatever needed doing. A few years before he died we were working together on a commercial inspection project when I got stung by three wasps and went into anaphylactic shock, Gerry got me to the hospital with moments to spare which saved my life.

Gerry along with Harvey Gordon are greatly missed, fondly remembered and my life is better for knowing them, rest in peace guys, we will all be together again down the road.

Good man indeed, i enjoyed his wit I didn’t get to meet him in person but did talk to him on the phone