Gerry Beaumont passed away 5 years ago today

For those that don’t know Mr. Gerry Beaumont, here is a little info about the man from our lives and inspection profession. Peace to his family and friends and may God rest his soul: (Scroll down a little in the 1st post.)

You may also enjoy achieving the award named after him here:

He is greatly missed.

A great man who knew from the beginning that education had to be our cornerstone.

Time sure flies.

At least he is remembered fondly by his peers :slight_smile:

Not everyone is.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 5 years. Gerry was a great man who was always there to help out his fellow inspectors. I’m so glad that InterNACHI has memorialized him with an education aware.

Worth repeating
RIP Gerry!

I never knew Gerry Beaumont but I have read a lot of his posts/contributions to InterNACHI.

I have debated for years if I should try for the award in recognition of this great man or to just leave it alone for now. Everytime that I get ready to submit my place, something always stops me.

Maybe it’s where I joined InterNACHI right after this happened around Nick Gromicko’s Birthday 5 years ago.

I would be honored to receive this award one day.

Prayers of comfort and good memories just went out to all family member’s and friends.

I never got to meet him, but have read many of his helpful posts in the archives. Very honored to have received his Award this year and last year. Prayers go to his family and friends. Rest in Peace.

He would be very proud to see what has become of his dream.

Greatly missed and hope he can see all the benefactors of his teachings.

He taught me about using pictures for notes.

And I do the same Bob.

Sorry I never had the opportunity to meet him.

I only had a couple occasions to chat , never meet the man . He was one of the greats .

He was a GOOD man!! RIP!! Gerry