5 star rating my foot

I did an inspection of a house today and seen a five rating for the efficiency of the house. What a joke. My infrared showed the the receptacle covers and switch covers were colder than the wall; access hatch not insulated (did have weather stripping); the heating duct joints not taped and gaps at the take offs; mid-efficiency furnace; standard 50 gallon water heater; no sealed holes where pipes went from the basement to the first floor,:shock: and a standard amount of insulation in attic (R30 is the minimal requirement here in Indiana).

I only know a little about HERS from our monthly meetings but this house looked no different than other houses I have inspected, yet they scored a 78 and qualified for some tax credits.

Unless you guys can tell me different, I think this 5 star rating is a joke. :frowning:

Depends on the rater. I’m HERS certified and there are good and bad raters.

Kevin you should tell them you know some guys that will double check the rating because it may be wrong or it was at one time but not any more. Blower door test would be a big help.

Hey Matt.
It was a little hard talking to the client about this subject since the builder was there. I did mention to the buyer that I was questioning the 5 star rating due to the way things were installed but I didn’t want to take it any further than that.