93 year old home exterior foundation cracks

I just finished a home inspection, while approaching the home the owner was leaving but wanted to let me know all foundation cracks and wall cracks have been addressed. It’s like they were telling on them selves and obviously lying…I’m scratching my head

So what is the foundation made of? I see some parging cracks, what else? You can always put what the seller said in the report as a direct quote. Not sure what it actually means. Addressed by whom?

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That is what I was wondering. It was very strange that they wanted to stick around till I got there to tell me this. I call it as I see it.

So, what exactly did you observe other than some random cracks? What problems actually existed that may have caused the cracking? Repairs may have been made to the cause, without addressing the cosmetics of the cracks themselves?


Describe the structural system and components. Report what you see (indications of foundation movement with all of the cracks). Steer clear of making statements on whether the structure or the repairs are adequate or not. Obviously there’s movement. Ask the seller for something in writing on what they did to address it. If your client is still not comfortable, refer to an engineer. Don’t fall into the trap of being Mr. Fix It. Be Mr. Report It.