a/c not tested....

Due to the low temps now…we are not testing. Looking for something that states this the best way to add into my reports…any one have any thing they care to share…?

Ive been just saying a/c was not opperated due to outside temp… looking for the verb. that says below 60/65 degrees ect…

thanks for the help.

You do not need to put in a temperature. It will only get you in an argument.

“Due to low outdoor ambient temperatures, the HVAC unit was not tested in the cooling mode as this is outside the scope of this inspection”.

Refer to my question about running the A/C in winter on a heat pump, and see Joe Funderburk, CMI post. He covers both very well.

Todd van Vranken

And put this in your agreement:

“WE do not operate heating or cooling systems in temperatures that may cause damage to the unit (air conditioner systems will not be operated if the outside temp. is below 65 deg. F.; heat pumps will not be operated in normal heat mode if the outside temp. is above 75 deg. F.). WE do not inspect heat exchangers, boilers, etc. for cracks.”

Many maufacturers allow running of units down to 40 °F.


If you don’t carry a list of those around with you, better stick to the 65 degree rule. :mrgreen: