Aha!! I think I found the problem, so this is why the thermostat wouldn’t work…:mrgreen:

I agree :slight_smile:

I run into those all the time. They’re the new “coil-less” units…hehehe.

I would bet that they use little energy though.

But I am sure you found that on your initial walk around the house

The real judge of your inspection skills is knowing how long you stood at the thermostat trying to get it to operate! :mrgreen:

When it started getting to hot lol

I have a friend making a good living building cages for the outside units. I always suggest to clients, put a lock on the breaker box. It might slow the thief down just enough to pass on to easier pickins.

Was in Tampa yesterday and saw a homemade wood cage with a clasp and lock on it. Bless their heart they did the best they could but we know a wooden cage will not stop a real thief. Florida just passed a new law that says you must have a record of where you got the A/C parts from when cashing in. Not sure exactly how it reads. One of my close friends is an A/C contractor and he was telling me about it.

Well they took it to the car wash to clean the coil , gezz you guys are so quick to condemn . Here they finger print and take your picture . Now the thief’s have to drive to Kentucky lol

They have refined metals in Kentucky? :wink:

I’ve had several client successfully negotiate the installation of those cages into their purchase. Several churches have been hit around here, it takes all of about 30 seconds to cut, grab and go.

I would rather have a fenced yard than a cage on my CU!

In Port St. Lucie, FL the CUs are mostly stolen from REO properties, but in Stuart, FL some thieves started stealing them from comm’l strip centers at night when they were closed.

Gee, I wonder which way the people who buy cages will vote on the economy in November?

Had an inspection the other day, wher the info tag was cut off the water heater - no good reason to do that…:roll:

things that make you go…hmmmmmmm?:shock: