A few various questions

Student here - I have a few questions and I’m going to post them in a single thread because they might be too simple to be deserving their own threads. Here goes:

if you are inspecting a house that has no central heating or air conditioning and only has window units for air conditioning, do you inspected them as if they were the AC?

If you are inspecting the exterior of a house that has paint flaking/chipping off consistent with lead paint, do we note that as potential lead paint?

If you arrive at an inspection (house is vacant / no realtor) and the water is shut off, do you turn it on? Realor arrives, can they turn it on?

Will you stop an inspection if a significant number of systems are inaccessible due to clutter? AC, water heater, service panel… Would you plow ahead and just mark most main systems uninspected due to inaccessibility?

Are swimming pools part of a standard home inspection or are they considered a seperate add on service? (Located in FL)

If breakers in service panel are not either GFCI/AFCI, do you recommend replacement?

If you enter an attic and see trusses have been cut to accommodate an AC unit do you still walk the attic? Do you note cut trusses and recommend review by a structural engineer?

if you find something on an inspection that you know will be a potential deal breaker for the real estate transaction, do you report that finding to your customer to give your customer the option to end the inspection prematurely so that you don’t perform an entire inspection knowing they will probably not buy the house?

Good luck!

As far as the last questions goes, what you think is a deal beaker may not be a deal breaker to the buyer. NEVER talk to them as if something is a deal breaker, they get to decide that. You will loose that realtor and anyone he knows instantly.

Agree with the exception of the last part. Do not take this into consideration. Do not worry about what the realtor thinks. You are working for the person paying for the inspection.

See answers above.


Reference 1st question…

Do you inspect “through wall units”?

If it was a “permanently” (and I use that term loosely) installed unit, yes, I would.

I’ve seen many “permanently installed” window units. :shock:

What I was trying to say is, report what you see. Don’t attach alarms and whistles to your report. Let them decide what a deal breaker is.