a killer within?




Truly a crime to humanity.

It is sad but true, but most health departs cite the EPA’s rules on mold that mold is just mold and it is not proven to cause health effects.
I feel the mold inspector also dropped the ball on this one if a statement like the following was actually made by him/her.
As early as October 1998, according to documents obtained by CityLife, UNLV scientists had found Stachybotrys on some of the building’s ceiling tile during and after renovation work on the building. But they found no airborne spores.
Stachybotrys is hard to detect with air samples because the spores are so heavy and do not float in the air well. Stachybotrys needs to be removed no matter if it was putting out spores at the time or not.

This following statement explains to me how misinformed people chose to be about mold.
*Officials with the health district insist that in-house maintenance crews regularly clean the Shadow Lane facility, replace air filters and “remove or clean any areas that could pose a legitimate health hazard to … employees or the public.”
*All they did was stir up the mold spores more trying to clean it up, making the environment even more toxic.
There are some real idiots in this world and most of appear to be in our government.

No credible scientific links to toxic mold and death.

Interesting that the man in the story thought that the building he was working in was killing him, and yet, he kept going back into the building to work. What is that about?

I recently did air sampling in a home for a client that was interested in purchasing from a seller who had to move because Mrs seller became ill from mold that was growing on all the floor joists in the basement. Mrs seller had flu like symptoms, nausea, muscle aches, and constant headaches. after months of diagnosis from varies types of specialist, microtoxins from mold was found in her blood stream. The sellers had both air sampling and swab sampling done and found stachybotry(Black mold) counts so high, the lab couldn’t read the sample. All of this stemmed from either the lumber yard or the builder leaving the wood outdoors, uncovered for months. The crazy thing is the builder ended up getting sued for millions of dollars and lost. The jury determined the builder should have had the knowledge to recognize the wood was contaminated and should have never used it to build the home. The debate of mold being harmful VS harmless truly depends on the individual. for decades the thought that smoking was harmless was common place, today we have proof that smoking causes many ill effects on the human body. In time, I feel the same will be said about high exposures to mold.