A list of life expectancies

I’m doing research for an upcoming online course about moisture, and I ran across this document. Dated 2007. Good stuff in here for those inspectors who make reference to life expectancies.

If you use the phrase “near the end of its service life” or something like it, you may want to back-up what your saying with this reference and data.


You forgot to post it.

I bet it is not up to date, asphalt shingle roofs come in many quality levels and that is not typically shown in those estimates.

It’s very general stuff, I just thought NAHB has a lot of good publications useful to home inspectors.

I use it. Clients like it. It’s very general. Builders and contractors have a hard time arguing with something put out by therir own association.

Blame the builders if it’s wrong!


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Man here i thought this was going to be a list of names and i was going to look mine up…

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Thanks for the post; I remember RR posting one of his a few years back that he encouraged us all to borrow as needed.