A little different...

This one’s a little different from the others…they sure do keep trying, don’t they…

Dear partner,

Your Bank Draft worth of $2.8million usd has been credited in ATM VISA CARD by the issuing Bank, be inform that you can not withdraw more than $7.500 per day this is what the Bank said you will see the rest details when you receive it ,

I have also registered your ATM VISA CARD $2.8million usd togethere with the pin code to (UPS) Express Company reconfirm your contact information as follows Your full name Delivery Address Telephone Number Your state and Your Country,and do not let the (UPS) COMPANY know what is side the package incase of steal.

Contact Person Dr. Doglass kuba,
Email; (upsservicecourier00@qatar.io <http://us.mc435.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=upsservicecourier00@qatar.io> ) Email; (upsservicecourier00@qatar.io <http://us.mc435.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=upsservicecourier00@qatar.io> ) Phone number +22998750096

So I have pay for delivering and insurance charges, I paid it, so the only money you will pay them is security keeping fee which they state that I will not pay for it because the keeping fee is $40 dollars per day, and I deposited it on 28/02/2010, And I did not contact you yesterday due to low connection, so that is why 1 did not pay for keeping fee, So I want you to contact urgent to avoid increase of their keeping fee.

Your faith fully
Mr.Williams Benson

Wonder how his inspection reports would read? … but you do get the most unusual mail.

I get 8-10 of those a day! I win or inherit around twenty million a day!

I get the same (we all do), but this one is like none of the others…

I got one the other day from the FBI - saying they investigated and I really won $3.2M. I just needed to send $600 to get my money. I am sure glad the FBI is looking into these scams so we don’t get ripped off.

WOW!!! If the FBI is involved you know it has to be legitimate.