A loaded question # 2

Ok lets do another simple question how many test a heat pump in the normal heat mode with an outside ambient at 90 degrees yes or no is sufficient:D

Well, it depends Red Top, I’ve never run across a heat pump here.:mrgreen:

Well you should get out more and do a few inspections prolly would see one:D

I will answer this way, and it applies to all appliances in a home…

“Can the occupant of a home operate an appliance, using normal controls and at any given condition, whether proper or not?” ???


“Is there a sign on the thermostat with instructions to not turn on the heat when too hot, or to not turn on the A/C when too cool” ???

Should I?


I’m done for the day, just came here to help out and working on my Aerial IR Website:wink:

No I don’t. Because it a heat pump and it 90 outside, I won’t get an accurate reading so I tell them I did not test it in the heat mode.

Looking good Bud yous need to go up and take a aerial shot for your Web page or borrow one of mine until yous get one of your own

I’m going up soon, maybe this week.

I can appreciate you saying it would not be an accurate reading because it would not but you also don’t know if the reversing valve works, is that the only reason you do not test

Ok no one is doing much talking hiding in the bushes I guess so here is the reason I made these two loaded questions.

There is no difference in operating the A/C unit with a indoor ambient of 90 degrees and operating a heat pump in the heat mode with an outdoor ambient of 90 degrees you get the same results. So when someone tells me they don’t operate a heat pump in the summer time in the heat mode even for just a test they basically don’t understand the refrigerant cycle

Ya got it bubba

Is there enough pressure differential for the reversing valve to operate in those conditions?!

I’d guess so.

Now someone mentioned tripping the head pressure safety and you’d have to figure out hot to re-set it!

“Push the big red button”!

If it don’t got one, it’s auto-reset…