A most amazing economic prediction. Everyone laughed at him.

Talk about prophetic!

And a Nov 3 update:

How could FOX news get it wrong?:wink:

They should of listened to him then and should listen to him now.

There sure are a lot of idiots in this country.

Wow! That really is amazing! What I don’t understand is this: Why was he the ONLY person (out of all of the panelists) who knew this was coming? They all believed it was going to get better and not worse, except him. Is it their education? Is it that they really didn’t know and just went with the majority? Either way, more of the so-called “experts” should have seen this coming, I believe. I don’t blame anyone but myself for any hardships I may encounter, but these people clearly steered ALOT of Americans in the wrong direction when it comes to investments, and that is just sad and wrong.

BTW…I am a new member to this association and I appreciate everyone and their input…even if it is a little CRAZY at times! :mrgreen:

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Jeff Canada

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Done Richard, thanks for the info. I did not notice that this info was not in my post.

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Ben Stein is such a douche.