A new graphic....215.2(A)(1) Ex. 2

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I removed the image because an inspector said it was over the head of a home inspector…i disagree but since a post I felt was valuable as a lesson is commented that is not for HI’s so it’s gone…and I’m gone as it seems folks above education anymore.

Now I will chat only with my electrical brother…

Robert my friend. The change was really just a clarification to a rule that already exists…just placed in the wrong place within 215.2. This change clarifies that adjustments and corrections will apply and it also acknowledges that without a connection to limiting devices like OCPD’s the actual current is what it is…and the conductors are indeed acceptable where sized to handle 100% of the continuous and 100% of the noncontinuous as you know.

Anyway…future images will be available on my website for those will choose to enjoy them. I mainly posted it so that someone may comment on the violation in the actual image…but it’s all good. Peace folks.

Thanks Paul!

Nice graphic, but way over my pay grade for inspections.


Nice graphic. :cool:

Paul do you think that this change was actually necessary, meaning wasn’t this already permitted before the wording entered the NEC?

Good one

Boy oh boy ain’t that the truth!

You can’t even give this stuff away for free anymore! Everyone’s offended by the facts these days.

Something about “kill the messenger…”?

These marshmallows (can’t call them snowflakes anymore) whine about that they will never come here and ask another question (stupid question) because we don’t make them feel comfortable. When you provide too much detail in your answer, they feel “uncomfortable”, get emotional and start calling you names. It doesn’t matter how nicely you put it, therefore I don’t try to be nice at all anymore.

Always appreciate your insight and contribution Paul! Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

I’m sorry you removed it. Some of us appreciate the sharing of education.

OK…just for YOU Willy…I will put it back but once the comments start I will pull it again…lol…

Here is another graphic I produced (for those who care to know changes to the 2017 NEC and for those who do not care…Ignore it)

Paul, please continue to post, I’m sure many more get value than feel the need to complain.

Paul, Always great to see you posting. Please continue to do so.

Question. Shouldn’t there be a clamp at the enclosure where the EGC is penetrating the metal enclosure?



Paul thanks
here’s their sign

The clamp is the fitting to which it is entering into the enclosure. The one I have chosen to show is a Kenny Clamp(ish).