A plastic vent inquiry

Hey as long as I have your attention let me run this one by, Probably easy to some, I’m still learning. Here is mid eff furnace from todays insp. I thought you pretty much had to have high eff to use plastic venting and air intake. But I believe Ive heard ‘some’ mid eff can go this route. This is labled 90+…seems I maybe even heard 85-90 no but above yes? correct me anywhere Im here to learn. So I had to dig like heck to find a label that even suggested this unit might be okay horizontal but that doesnt answer the plastic question. Mod UGTA-07EMAES
Ser EJ5D702F359808434. and if anyone can whip out a clear answer on that then also tell me how do you do that? Hate to think you have to call a dealer for everything…there must be some magic place with answers (I mean besides here)
mike in MN

Unit is listed as a Ruud 90 +
(By model # given)

rated for Horizontal …



Hi Micheal,

A mid efficiency furnace is usually considered 65 - 85% efficient and a high efficiency furnace is 85 + efficient.

If you look at the data plate on the furnace, there will be BTU input and BTU output listed. Dvide the output by the input and multiply the answer by 100, you will have the % efficiency of the unit. (e.g. 60,000 / 75,000 X 100 = 80%).

The furnace in your pic is a high efficiency unit.

Good point to tell him Marcel!:smiley:
He should take the How to Inspect HVAC course also.