A question about tailpipe

Hi, I am stilling learning plumbing course. Lots of things need to learn. I have two questions to ask about the pic below. The pic was taken under a kitchen sink.

  1. What is the name of this kind of flexible pipe?
  2. Is it permitted to use this kind of pipe as tailpipe?
    Thank you very much.

It’s a tailpiece and it looks like a funnel connected to a flexible something, not a pipe. So short answer is no. Where is this part of your plumbing course?

They sell corrugate (flexible drain pipe) drain pipe at the home centers and DIYers use it…
However drain pipes must be constructed of pipes with a smooth surface, you should be able to use it in the vent system.

You can use “corrugated pipe” in the vent system? I was always under the impression vents shall be of a smooth surface and graded?

These “pipes” are sold as “Emergency Repair Fixes” and are not “Code” approved for permanent use.

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appears to be pool vac hose
definitely non-compliant


Agree with Bear… :smile:

…especially the sound effect.

Fail: No Trap.

Thank you very much! it is very helpful to me.