A Sad day for America!

Bear-Stearns, the fifth largest lender, is insolvent …coupled with the Countrywide fall doesn’t bode well for future house sales. Newbies…don’t jump into this profession with both feet…keep the day job!!!


That’s good advice anytime!

We’re booming here. FHA just upped their loan maximums, almost doubling them in our area, so twice as many people here can get FHA loans.

Orange County escrow openings were up 26% in February. Business is definitely robust!

Number 6 will move up to become number 5

thats because Cali is almost it’s own country
good looking ladies, warm sandy beaches, hell it’s one of the few places where you can go snoboarding in the morning and scuba diving in the evening and then dancing with the stars into the twilight.
AND be considered normal

even in people dreams it doesn’t go that well

looking out the window at 5 feet of snow reality sets in



Could this mean that people who knew better were awarding loans to people who didn’t ???

Perhaps it is time everyone gets in the same boat and starts rowing for shore … TOGETHER!!