A very "High" roof

The latest in organic roofing

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Found these on the roof of this afternoon’s inspection.

Roof looks good

Plants are out of HI Scope

Good pix


and how did you report them?..

“debris in the valley could block runoff and cause premature damage to shingles and roof deck if water backs up under them”…:smiley:

Not as they relate to proper drainage! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Recommend watering.:roll:

Remember that in certain areas this type of plant is not bad in the public eye

----This is not something that reflects the condition of the home –


Not out of my scope. WOOT!

No, actually…umm…

Ok Vince

Lets look at the practical side of this – we have no idea who placed the plants on the roof. It could have been the buyer – Has it change the value of the property??

Would you report this to the local PD?? Remember it comes under the “something illegal area”??

At least we all are thinking and it is not a dead body


Roof inspection and watering the plants “all rolled into one !”:shock:

Love Cheech & Chong

Vegitation too close to roofing material. This could damage the roofing material and cause water leaks. Recomend keeping all vegitation a safe distance away from all homes surfaces. :cool::cool::cool:

I do like the posts

Sometime we take life a little to serious

This is why I love this profession


I get high with a little help from the seller

He was probably growing a little Hemp to weave a rope so in case he ever got stranded on the roof and a fire breaks, and he can’t use the stairs…Yeah, Yeah, that’s the ticket.

was it woody harrelsons house

Advise the buyer as to its presence. I had a similar case awhile back. Informed the buyer because I did not want their kids to be blamed if left over “stuff” was ever discovered. If the house for what ever reason ever gets searched and previous owners materials are present, who is going to get busted.

An excellent point. I would do the same.