AAV in sealed attic?

Did a 2014 home this morning that had the attic sealed. I don’t see many of these around here.
My question is, I saw a Studor AAV in the attic. Is this allowed?

Look at it this way. If you can put one under a kitchen sink why can’t you put it in a sealed attic?

The codes do not disallow it. Studor does not disallow.

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Thanks, that puts it into perspective!

I’ve never encountered a sealed attic. A vented attic communicates with the exterior. An unvented attic communicates with the living space.

My man cave (garage-mahal) has a sealed attic. The walls and underside of the roof are spray-foamed. I have never inspected any other encapsulated attic though. This type of construction is very rare in Tennessee. My building is unique. (for this and many other reasons)

But does it “communicate” with the man cave? Or just you!

communicate: share or exchange news, information, or ideas.

Of course it does… that’s where he stashes his Porno!! :wink: