Why would you install a AAV this way?? Thanks,

Keeps birds and vermin out?

Is this a new home?

High winds? I see this occasionally here in areas that have a 25+ average wind speed and the homes are on a septic or cesspool waste system. I think the idea is to prevent the p-traps from gurgling from back pressure.


Robert, house built in 1957, the only vent with a AAV installed.

Other than what Jeff said, that is a first for me. :mrgreen::wink:

Was there a window located close to vent that they were getting odors, this would eliminate the occasional smells.

trying to keep the kids from sniffing the pipe ???

Keep roofers from peeing down it? :mrgreen::wink:

Is there a brand name on it?

I’ve never seen any type of cover over a sewer stack.

not legal, all vents should be open to atmosphere,if it gets cold in kansas, and i think it does.it could freeze ,then no vent.