Abandoned Attic Unit

I liked the easy freon recharge access:D
Sorry about the focus my camera broke. :frowning:

Now I know where my full tank of freon went that my wife sold in the yard sale for two Dollars 8 years ago.
I did not get mad gone! so nothing could be done about it .
… Cookie

Brian, what is going on here?

Also, was that you quoted in the RE mag?

That’s a good one Brian, I have yet to have seen such a set up.

Good find.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


This is what we call bottle feeding just like a baby. Leak to big; have to keep the jug connected saves time. That is a $25k fine in my area.:wink: :slight_smile:

Thats about as stupid as the guy who releases all the Freon (R22) in a jug so he could make the tank into an air pig for compressed air to carry in his truck.

Back in my past life we use to keep a 1ton tank, bottle feeding a large centrifugal Frick compressor used for the cooling process water in gasoline production. Mgmt would not allow the unit to be shut down to repair leaks it was cheaper to add freon and or pay the fines if caught than to shut down the processor:twisted: We had as many as a dozen 1 ton cylinders stacked empty at one time. Talk about a hole in the ozone</IMG>

Charley, dosen’t that you make you wonder about what they call enterprize and profits at the sake of their own world existence and their off springs future.

Sounds like greed to me.

Thanks for bringing that up, we usually think that stuff does not happen.

Marcel :slight_smile: