ABC4 pulls story about 12 year old boy and removes it from their website.

ABC4 in Salt Lake City, Utah recently ran a story about a 12 year old boy who chose to attempt to join NACHI despite his own father being a member of ASHI, a known no-entrance-requirement diploma mill.

Today ABC4 voluntarily chose to pull the story and remove it from their website after receiving NACHI’s response to it:

*“NACHI welcomes XXXXXX (name of minor withheld) to NACHI along with any other ASHI member offspring who can legitimately fulfill NACHI’s entrance requirements at]( We encourage his father to remain at ASHI, an association with absolutely no entrance requirements]( until his precocious son can help him qualify to join NACHI. We are pleased to see so many choosing NACHI, the world’s biggest & best inspection association]( over other come-only-with-cash diploma mills.” *


Go get Em Nick. Yee Ha!

Thats Telling them NICK…RM


I was too afraid to say anything bad about the kid, I am worried he’ll become NACHI’s President one day.


We might all be working for him.


Look out Blaine! In 10 years… who knows?


The reporter was so biased, at one point saying something like “pay a simple fee,” (what, are there complicated fees?) clearly an attempt to confuse the viewer into thinking she said “simply pay a fee” which would be a fact that is true only of ASHI’s entrance requirements]( not NACHI’s

The reporter also said she attempted to contact NACHI and got no response. The entire industry knows I answer every email, every day and that if she truly followed the simple instructions at the top of I would certainly have responded, even driven over to Utah to correct the story, but she did not email NACHI for comment, not once.

I congradulate ABC4 for pulling the backwards story.

Well, it is obvious the reporter didn’t go out looking for this story in particular so the Dad had to contact them first. News must be really boring in Salt Lake for this to even get on. “News Flash” Susan B. Anthony Jones had the blue plate special today over at the Squat and Gobble Diner. Susan could not be reached for comment on how she liked it…news at 11.

I’m talking with ClearChannel’s counsel now in an effort to get them to post my response, including the live link to ASHI’s entrance requirements on their main site. I know, I know… I have a mean streak :smiley: .

I live by a rule: I treat everyone better than they treat me.

In ASHI’s case… I can treat them pretty $hitty without breaking my rule. :smiley:



A step in the right direction.

Good work and a welcome respite from the CMI saga. :smiley:

Nick, great response. This is only the beginning of NACHI taking over the world! As you said, anyone can pay a fee and join the other side.

I also sent my own email.

Re your article at

So we have a father fraudulently using his son to justify the fathers agenda and instilling in his son that lying is okay? Perhaps the school board and the Childrens Aid Society should be called into invesitage what surely is a father who thinks its okay to use his son in deceitful activities.

I think you should do a story on poor parenting skills.

Thank you.

Raymond Wand

Cool !!!

The Boy passed the test which demonstrates that he has learned something from his father over the years. He is demonstrating the aptitude of his ability to someday to join the Business of his Father. There is clearly a retention of the information conveyed to him by his Father over the years. That is excellent.

The article also shows the impact of a softening Real Estate Market in Utah. As the market softens, one must re-evaluate / strategize their business model in order to maintain income and increase market share. In looking at his own Business and the areas where his marketing may need more focus, the Business Owner visualizes the NACHI Organization as his greatest threat to increasing his Market share.

Also Good Information…

Along with the fact that a Utah NACHI meeting just occurred . . .
Another first; with Nick, of course.

Naturally, Pop feels threatened.

Easy read on that one!

Even the Canadian Association is talking about it. There usual spokesperson seems to grasp at straws to try and prove a point, except his animosities seem to cloud his logic.

Then a “must be at least 21” to join should help.

Sorry guys, I just don’t get it. If you follow the critics logic to it’s inevitable end then they must also condemn the electoral systems and electorates in both the United States and Canada because cats, dogs, horses and dead people have registered to vote.

Doesn’t wash.
Tempest in a tea pot.
Typical muck raking news reporting.
Says more about the critics than it does about NACHI.