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Hello there! My names is Taylor Herring and I am a CPI here at Internachi this is a very exciting time for me, I just completed the coarse material for advanced roofing inspections, and I must say this is a great class to take! I live in Washington state and once i complete the test for this class I will be applying for Washington’s home inspectors application once I pass this I will be able to get my licence through Washington’s department of licencing!! I’m almost there wish me luck, and thanks!

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Hi Taylor,
I have a question regarding Material, Minor, Major defect regarding the Ridge Cap, Its a 12-12 pitched roof ergo I stayed on the ladder. I observed the ridge cap shingles are curling and some are missing–from the ridge, My question, is it a MATERIAL, MAJOR OR MINOR DEFECT>

Hi Scott and welcome!

Most inspectors do best by simply describing a defect and letting the client decide how important it is to them.

Thank you for input.
I will probably have a ton more questions. I very much appreciate your time.

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