AC Disconnect Wiring

I noticed on many AC Disconnect devices that the terminals are suitable for wires ranging from #14 thru #2 gauge. All AC units I have seen have a minimum circuit ampacity of more than 20A which would require at least #12 gauge. Are there instances, or actual AC units, that only require the use of #14 gauge wire? I’m just wondering when you would ever use #14 gauge to wire an AC disconnect.

Yes there are.

There are some 15amp units.

Even though there are 15 amp ac units that would only require 14 ga., do you think it would it be a nuisance for an electrician or home owner to have to use 12 ga. in those situations because the disconnect is only suitable for as low as 12 ga wire? We are considering designing a 60A AC disconnect product that uses terminals that are suitable for #12 thru #3 conductor (cu/al 60/75C).

That question would best be posed to a forum for electricians. Though I have seen many A/C units that have a minimum ampacity requirement of 15A or less, I don’t know that I have ever seen one wired with less than 12AWG. The unit isn’t usually present when the electrician is doing his thing so I don’t think they usually go that low.

Yes you’re right it would be best to ask an Electrician. I went on an Electrician forum yesterday and waiting for some replies.
Thanks for your input, it does help us.