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Could someone explain to me why the data plate on a central A/C condenser always specifies a maximum breaker size while the data plates on refrigerators and freezers don’t. Thanks.


Because of the Condenser on the central A/C is usually larger and is directly it simply shows the MAX size OCPD you can protect the unit......usually larger to allow for start up and so on.

Fridges and Freezers already factor this in and they already have the plugs attached...and usually smaller condensers...:)

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I agree entirely with Paul, I will just add because they are required to be marked the way they are.

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If you try to absorb article 440 and the sizing of conductors vs O/C devices you will appreciate how great it is that they do the engineering for you.

Oh YES…I will say for Electricians around the US…Thank you Engineers for already doing the math for us…One less thing to think about…:slight_smile:

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