According to A realtor today said the NACHi agreement is no good!

I had to straighten her out. I told her my NACHI languaged contract was better than any of her MAR’s contract. Then I had to explain why to the customer she would even make such a comment. I told him that MAR has the Realtors believing that home inspectors are nothing but a liability, which is not true. Actually a good home inspector will prevent the Realtor from being sued. The Realtor keep her mouth shut the rest of the inspection. I do not think that we will friends.:mrgreen:

What made think it was no good, what was her argument ?

Who cares? She has no business commenting on the PIA, just as we have no business commenting on the purchase agreement for the home sale.

Her argument was that it was written by a lawyer and all lawyers make contracts suable. That if I got sued she would get sued also. You got to understand that this Realtor refers one hour uncertified whole home inspectors with hand written forms. She does not know what a good home inspection is except it kills her deals, as far as she is concerned. She is a proud member of the Missouri Association of Realtors. Sad but true.

For those who do not have the history…

Missouri and Kansas have a very, very strong legislative infrastructure made up of the state realtor associations and state builder associations.

They have successfully stopped the states from instituting state building codes and have stopped any bills that would have provided for the licensing of builders and contractors.

Accordingly, they control what goes on within their industries without interference…except from one source. Us.

Thus, in 2009 the Kansas realtors were able to set up a licensing board for home inspectors. Sitting on that board is a realtor and a trial attorney who will decide the fate of the inspector who kills too many deals or is otherwise brought before it.

They have attempted the same thing in Missouri and…with the dedication of Mr. Braun and others…have failed.

This is their way of showing their appreciation.


Don’t forget that it was the KAR who disallowed mandatory radon inspections on residences that where being sold in Kansas for any real estate transaction. They would rather kill people than have home inspectors kill their deals. Harsh, but true. They are running the States of Kansas and Missouri. Consumers will no longer be getting full, competent, honest home inspections. We will have to abide by the board rules, regulations, and state laws. Our inspections will be limited in scope. Governments work for their buddies, not for the people. Smell the money.

This happened with GM; get money people to run the company, the company will, and did, fail. No one with that company was a car guy. They were money guys. It will take years for people to find out what home inspection laws do, or mostly, do not do. Texas is finding this out, with countless lawsuits. Realtors should not be concerned, as our reports will be limited, all the buyer has to do is sue the home inspection board. They set the rules. Sue them.

Does that mean more than you can count??? Or is it an actual number??? :mrgreen: