ACE Hardware helping InterNACHI members land inspection jobs on...

ACE Hardware is helping InterNACHI members land inspection jobs on the homes that the sellers are moving TO.

Leave this (See PIC) with the seller along with InterNACHI’s Leave-Behind Letter.](

The Leave-Behind Letter]( is available to all InterNACHI members now. The ACE cards will be available to all InterNACHI members soon.

When are the cards for the 3 states going to be available? - and if they are how do we get some?
think this is a great idea -

I’d say any hour now.

How can we get them?

Thank you

We have to assemble them into the card holders next…10,000 of them. :roll:

Cards were just delivered 5 minutes ago:

Nick, I would almost pay for those cards to give-a-way to clients. I recently purchased dozens of cards from my grandson’s school to give-a-way for $10 each. The card contains several buy one, get one dinners at local restaurants. The cards helped his school, the local businesses, and me.

Win, win, win.

Those sure don’t look like what we were led to believe. They were purported to be “Gift Cards”, not “Discount Cards”. I get similar in the mail all the time. No big deal, other than advertising InterNACHI.

Received yesterday and today. I get these a minimum of once a month.

Not dissing what you are doing Nick, just showing that what Ace is providing provides no real additional benefit to me or my clients, that we wouldn’t otherwise get on our own.

If you must know, the end game of this partnership between an association of inspectors who find defects and a national hardware store chain that sells products to repair defects… will leverage ACE’s national marketing to convince sellers to have their homes pre-inspected by InterNACHI members. The inspection report would in turn cause the seller to make some corrections using products sold by ACE.

The 25% off (not just 20% off on one Saturday) is just one of our ways to get there from here.

Additionally, most InterNACHI members are doing NOTHING to procure the inspection on the home the seller is moving to. I’m trying to fix that. This is my third attempt at it. The only thing that seems to work really well so far is: and so I’m now trying to fill it with stuff that causes the seller to contact the buyer’s inspector (you) and hire him/her to inspect the home they are buying (moving to).

ACE is already running ads that promote InterNACHI members in their circulars (millions) and will be putting end caps in their store isles promoting InterNACHI members.

Thanks Nick,

Now, is this just for those 3 states so far? I would love to partner up with the local Ace® that just opened here in Florida. Thanks for your efforts and any guidance…


I use a modified version of the “leave behind letter”.
Buyers Inspection I had yesterday came as a result of leaving the letter, brochure etc. at the house he was selling a couple weeks ago.

I might even get another inspection out of it because he may not continue with the purchase of the house inspected yesterday.

Here in North Florida (out in the country) there are MANY Ace stores here. The big box stores are in the major cities, but in the sticks we have Ace, Western Auto, Tractor Supply, etc. These cards would hit big with my clients. Any chance of the program getting my way?

We finished mailing them to 3 states today. We go national next.

The Ace discount card flyer came in the mail today. It looks good, it’s an attractive item to leave on the seller’s table, or hand to the buyer. Hope it works out well. There was a small misprint on the card: It says 25% off, but actually it’s $25 off any purchase over $100. The inspector can just explain that misprint to the client so there’s not any confusion at the store.

I guess my participation will be somewhat limited by location. There’s a web link that points to stores that are involved in this promotion, and none of the Ace stores in Pueblo or southern Colorado are listed. It will work for Colorado Springs clients, but not for Pueblo clients. Oh well, still a good idea, I think.

Thanks NACHI, I got mine today also.
I did an inspection on Saturday, and I will include the card in my Thank-You card going out this weekend.
I usually send a Thank-You card to folks about a week later, as a way to keep my name out there,
and let them know we cared enough to keep them in mind.
It will be a nice addition to the card.