Advanced Mold Inspection

I gained so much insight after listening to and viewing the “Advanced Mold Inspection Course.”
As a training model I went up into my attic to inspect for any signs of water intrusion. Checking if boots around stacks were good and that all pipes used for exhaust purposes were tight and dry. Checked all supports and roof decking for staining as well as depth of insulation for adequate protection. Along with this I also looked at the air handler and drip pan as well as the condensation line. I went outside too check the roof. It has a steep pitch so I used binoculars.
GREAT NEWS! No telltale signs of water intrusion.
I loved the course because it methodically covered things so that you could develop a systematic approach to your inspection.

It is a good course.

It is nice that more inspectors are understanding about water intrusions and what to look when it comes to mold. Inspectors need to understand that you are entrusted with the health and financial well being of the buyer’s family and those things need to be looked. Most inspectors in my area do not even own a moisture meter.

Agreed, It’s a Great course !!!