Advice needed on getting my market share with USP's.

Okay, as a lot of you know I was forced into an early retirement because of health issues. I am working hard daily to be in better health, get my Virginia license with my NRS designation and be back out there inspecting.

What am I forgetting here for my marketing to the public with USP’s?

What you will get with your inspection from The Home Inspector:

  • Price Match Guarantee.
  • Same Day Inspection Report.
  • HomeGuage online reports with video and Create Request List.
  • HouseFax Property Report.
  • Home Energy Report.
  • American Home Warranty - limited home warranty with “GAP Coverage” that compliments warranties offered by referring agents.
  • InterNACHI’s We’ll Buy your Home Back Guarantee.
  • Free Infrared Certified Inspection.
  • $10,000.00 Honor Guarantee - Backed by InterNACHI.
  • Now that you’ve had a Home Inspection book.
  • Home Energy book.
  • The Safe Home book.
  • InterNACHI’s Tips for Homebuyers book.
  • A gift from your Inspector card.
  • $50.00 off your second inspection.
  • On Time Guarantee.

Thanks in advance,

How about either a link or direct to a separate page for all your
excellent 5 star reviews to build consumer confidence. :slight_smile:

How about mentioning about your years of inspection experience and prior work experience which makes you the better candidate.

Thanks Marc and David. Awesome points and I will definitely do both.

Forget about all that useless fluff. That stuff is used by new inspectors who have no real experience in the trades. They plaster those “credentials” all over their websites in an attempt to fool the public into thinking that they actually have what it takes to be a competent inspector.

You’re a CMI and although many here bash the CMI designation, people understand the word “MASTER”.

Master Craftsman, Master Plumber, Master Electrician. Hell, even the title of “Brew Master” garners respect with most people.

In NJ (a licensed state), there are about 1250 inspectors and last I checked there are only about 14 CMI’s.

I saw that as of 8/1/2017, you need to be licensed in the state of VA. I don’t know how many licensed/unlicensed inspectors are currently in VA but according to InterNACHI, there are 228 CPI’s and only 19 CMI’s. Try to find out how many inspectors are actually practicing in VA to get a better impact.

Until you can establish an accurate count, my marketing advice to you would be to start advertising something like:

"There are hundreds of inspectors in Virginia, but I am one of only 19 “Certified Master Inspectors”

Anyway, hope that gives you a different perspective.

Stephen, my thoughts exactly. I have dealt with numerous agents over the years but never kissed their ***, so to speak. I have got beat out of a lot of jobs throughout the years because I don’t lowball or doctor up 1 of my reports. These new guys can come in with a fee of $250.00 and pretty much take food off of my table. I have a good number of years under my belt both education and experience but I am no rich boy success story. I agree with you, I’m just trying to be more competitive and gain more of the market share.

Everybody is right and I need to believe in me, once again. I am east bound and down.

Why the bleep would YOU do that?

You have more experience than most. You deserve to be paid for it. Not match every fly by night wanna-be who offers $199 any size home.

Your USP is your confidence in your ability and experience. Own it!

Ian, you’re right - I do and a **** load of credentials. That’s what I was trying to pull off with the price match guarantee somehow. If any of my 8 competitors, could match what I bring to the table, I’d match them on price. I was hoping for it to be a selling point that I could easily convert callers to where they would listen to me and not say: How much and hang up. Even that 1 call that doesn’t get booked and goes to 1 of these guys below, bothers me to no end.
#1)* Shawn Jones / Quality Pro Home Inspections.

#2)* Bob Poff,Bob Peek, Bob Ratcliffe / Inspections, Inc.

#3)* David*Seamster, Seamless Property Inspections.

#4)* John Langan, Pillar To Post.

#5)* Steve Gregory, National Property Inspections.

#6)* Steve Hall, Appalachian Inspection Services.

#7)* Lou Jennings,*ACCURATE Home Inspection Service.

#8)* (No name) United Home Inspectors LLC.

What are you doing for marketing?

Just sell the clients all the 90 Day Widget Warranties and sell your client’s information to the Widget Warranty Kings. That should make you filthy rich or so we are told! :wink:

Ok, I admit that’s an interesting take.

That’s why P. Nathan Thornberry and I don’t talk anymore. That and his view on the clients don’t know what they want and to push the 90 day warranties on them with phone calls from RWS and ISG. I don’t roll that way.