Advice on bath exhaust vent termination.

Lets see, I have a 5 year roof that was professionally done and both chimneys leak, the plumbing vent leaks.

I was able to install through the sidewall myself and did not want to extend through the roof.

I thought the advice that was given was excellent and I appreciated the time others took to help me out.

I will need someone next spring to redo the chimneys and plumbing vent flashing’s. The chimneys have leaked since day 1 of the roof install as it seams it penetrates between the flashing and bricks and mortar as no one wants to bend the flashing into the mortar joint and then seal.There are also numerous fractures in the brick and mortar. If anybody in the area wants the job I will pay a proper fee.

David we install vents through brand new roofs that are a week old all the time I don’t suppose there is anything special about your roof if your roof is already leaking what’s another leak between friends. Just kidding Sounds like ya need to find a different roofing contractor:D:D

Looks like Charley wore his cranky pants today …

Nah just wanted to rip your shorts knew you would be back, Buddy
Have a Merry Xmas Jim

I put my vent through the roof 4 years ago which is about 3’ above the ceiling and never had a problem.
And anyone charging $350 should be thrown off the roof as Charley said. Took me two hours to install the fan and roof vent.

Mine is not insulated and my roof that I installed 16 years ago and flashing does not leak. Seems like roofers in your area are a little steep in price and don’t know what they are doing, just call themselves roofers. :slight_smile:

You too Partner …will be thinking about You guys on Monday…

I have seen 2 small (1"+) icicles hanging from a interior fan cover a few years ago. It was a new package home from a major modular home company.

The bathroom was on the north corner of the house with the exterior vent outlet facing north. Got a call from the owner ( my life insurance guy) after a very cold February night.

I have a question about a bathroom vent that terminates at a foundation vent in the crawl space, but does not extend through the vent to the exterior. Is this an acceptable installation? Thanks

No! It should went through the exterior wall.

How would a bath vent terminate at a crawlspace, was it a basement bathroom?