Bathroom Exhaust Fan Termination

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Termination

IRC §1506.2


IRC §P3103.3 Use limitations. The plumbing vent system shall not
*be utilized for purposes other than the venting of the plumbing *

Now that’s cool.:cool:

Innovative, if nothing else.

I wonder how much water pours back down that vent in a good rain storm. :shock:

Right Larry, he forgot to put the all important reverse trap in the flex.



I wonder much $$$ they saved this way?

That is one engineering feat!

Is that a waste vent or the Furnace Flue?

A furnace flue???

Through the roof …


What are you saying David?

PVC furnace flues (high efficiency) are direct vented.

Morning David,

Not to argue but I see a lot through the roof, ususally on town homes like this one. Here’s a pic. Sorry for the low quality.

Not from the basement…

In your particular install, they must have the air handler in the attic cavity. On Joe’s original post the exhaust pentrates the ceiling below.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that these units are slab on grade. The one in the picture is a quad unit.Each unit’s utility room is near the center of the building.

Ya gotta wonder why builders don’t properly vent these ducts in the first place. I see (about half) of the new townhouses and condo conversions where they don’t vent to the outside. Even developments built by big and good repuation builders. They say that the attic is properly vented so there shold be no problem.

I am having a hard time understanding their thinking. I gotta believe it’s more than just lazyness or money.


The metal duct is from the ceiling mounted Bathroom exhaust fan.

The PVC pipe is the Main Plumbing stack.](“”)