AFCI Breakers

I have been finding recently that AFCI breakers are running about 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the breakers in the panel when I scan them with an thermal imaging thermometer. Has anyone else been finding this as well in the field?

All feedback will be appreciated.



A longtime known issue.

Could an AFCI feel warmer than other breakers in the same panel?

An AFCI breaker may feel warmer to the touch than a non-AFCI circuit breaker. This is due to the heat generated from the power supply for the electronics. Siemens AFCI breakers tested in an average ambient temperature of 23° C (73° F) operated at an average temperature of 38° C (100° F.) This is well within the UL Standard 489 Section which states - Temperature rises on handles, knobs, and other surfaces subject to user contact during normal operation shall not exceed 60°C (140°F) on nonmetallic surfaces. It is warm enough to detect with the hand, but this heat does not impact the operation of the AFCI.

They usually run hotter and it is not an issue.
Tsk,Tsk,you guys and your IR are such worry warts…:slight_smile:

This is ok, but is what your looking at thermally…

The bottom right breakers are AFCI.

You will find the same thing true for GFCI breakers and receptacles - not an issue.

EVACUATE THE HOUSE…RUN FOR YOUR LIVES…ok…sorry I am just kidding. Yeah they tend to run a little warmer than normal OCPD’s do.,

Thank you all.

As always, the feedback is helpful and appreciated.