AFCI protected exterior GFCI

A first for me today, the exterior outlets (all GFCI receptacles) were protected with an AFCI breaker at the panel.

Is there anything in the NEC that prohibits this??

Nope…nothing wrong with it at all. IN fact, both technologies work just fine together as they both are looking for two different distinct issues.

Just ask and you shall receive! Thank you Paul for the quick answer!!!

lol…well only because you live where I want to retire…:wink:

Thanks again Paul for all your help!
I appreciate your assistance on questions I ask you.

Keeps me less stupid-er;-)

any question is a good question and one that needs answers. I myself ask myself questions all the time and many times I can’t answer them right away…now roll THAT around in your head for awhile and welcome to my world…lol

I will still be learning this thing called “electricity” my whole life…it is the life of a Codeist ! ( ok…save the remarks on the codeists reference :wink:

Speaking AFCI, the regular outlet tester will not test these outlets? Is that correct?

The test button, that is an integral part of the AFCI device itself, is what the manufacturers recommend using.

In the end…use the test button on the breaker as none of the aftermarket testers are truly the compliant way to test an AFCI circuit. Now if you want to use them as additional support, so be it but easiest thing to do is trust the devices test feature.

so, turn off the AFCI breaker, then check the outlets for power to verify they are in fact AFCI?
I know, a lot of questions

I usually woulds say test all the receptacles first in your normal walk around. Then as a specific test I would trip the AFCI’s and then revisit the areas needing to be AFCI protected and look for items the breaker did not shut down that needs to be shut down. I would work this procedure into your methods as this is how I train my municipal guys as well.