After 10 years, Kansas dumps licensing. Home Inspector regulation ends July 1, 2013.

Good riddance.

Do you have more information .
I would love to save to use here in Ontario … Thanks … Roy

Roy -

Although it was passed into law 3+ yrs ago, several members of the Senate Committee DOUBTED what the realtors and the ASHI / KAREI inspectors “PRO-LICENSING” club was telling them about the hundreds of problems caused by UNLICENSED home inspectors. So the original Bill was set up with a SUNSET provision to EXPIRE on July 1, 2013 UNLESS extended.

The realtors, KAREI / ASHI inspectors and attorneys PUSHED to make the law permanent. The Governor Vetoed it saying he’d seen NO signs that home inspectors had caused significant harm to the Kansas public OR something to that effect.

The realtors, KAREI / ASHI inspectors and attorneys PUSHED to get a 2 yr extension OR add their Bill to another existing Bill being pushed thru.

It didn’t work. The 2013 Session is OVER and NOTHING was passed SO as of July 1, 2013 home inspectors in Kansas are UNLICENSED.


The KAREI / ASHI president Kerry Parham in Wicheeta sent out an email to their members yesterday. I’ve attached it to this post.

As he pointed out NOW that we’re gonna be unlicensed, cut-rate, lowball inspectors will enter the profession and ruin our business. Kind of a joke cause they’re already here as LICENSED inspectors … AMAZING

Great thanks Dan glad for all… Roy

Lots of sour grapes and whining in that letter.

You Kansas inspectors should send him a box of tissues.

Seems like 100 years. Especially after having to deal with scumbag ASHI member Jeff Barnes who, upon becoming the Home Inspector Licensing Board’s first president, proceeded to issue himself license #1 and then refused to issue licenses to anyone else, during which time he launched a marketing campaign to all the real estate agents announcing that he was the first and only licensed inspector in Kansas. Even after news reporters wrote articles about scumbag ASHI member Jeff Barnes and his abuse of public office for personal gain, ASHI did nothing. Mr. Barnes is still a member of ASHI. What’s that say about ASHI?

The Governor was right in ending the regulation. ASHI-member lead corruption had to be stopped.

I’ve never seen it in writing, but people up in state Capitol of Kansas have indicated other thoughts by Governors office to nix HI licensing might be:

a) mis-management of Board by certain peoples; or b) heavy Board influence from a certain Trade Association (which if true could go against the state constitution, etc).

Who knows … What worries me is that now that Kansas home inspectors will be unlicensed & unregulated that we may have DUMB and cut-rate home inspectors getting into the business.

Oh Wait … Silly me; we already got that - BUT right now they’re licensed dumb and cheap inspectors.

The talk has paid off.

I fully credit former Senator David Wysong of Fairway KS for putting the sunset provision into the bill. I had many conversations with the Senator, as Dan did. One meeting in particular was a long talk that I had with the Senator about the cap on limit of liability. No one seemed to agree, until it was mentioned that most deductibles on E&O policies where in the $2k to $3k range, and Dan had mentioned that most home repairs in RE transactions averaged about $1,500. At the same time I was talking to the Senator during a break, and I told him how I was concerned about these laws would increase the amount of lawsuits, as it had in Texas. I particularly told him about one case where a home seller was suing an inspector, I believe it was in Houston, when a buyer walked away from purchasing the home because of issues in an HI report.

I always have wondered where the fees/money went. Having a computer, accountant, record keeping, all off site from the capitol was not a good idea.

To this day, it was all about the lawmakers getting money for their next campaigns from the KAR, who is the largest contributor of money in Topeka.

The senator, without vote or conversation, put in the sunset rule.

IMO, KAREI is not an organization of any kind. IMO, they are a front for agents who wanted the laws, so reports could be basic, minimum, and non-alarmist. The laws were worthless, never benefitted home buyers, and, as Dan said, actually allowed for cheap, low-ball inspectors to enter the business.

The former governor of Kansas, who is in DC running some type of health services department, signed the HI laws into play just hours before going to DC. Our current governor is not happy with some type of new health care law…

Congratulations to Kansas Home Inspectors.

I used to be an advocate of HI licensing laws (many years ago). It is & has been for some time, apparent that licensing solves nothing, is a waste of time & resources & I hope I never see it come to Ohio.

Nick, considering the latest ESOP mess, do you really want to open that box?

What “ESOP mess?”



One of the faults of people on this board is that they use too many abbreviations. I hope they do not do that in HI reports. Explanations needed.

I hear that several RE attorneys have sent an email to office brokers about the HI laws expiring. Strange that my April and May were the best in 11 years, but I have not had a phone call in 3 days.


The ESOP did their job. Guess who didn’t?

I don’t know. Who? Our procedures always seem to handle everything smoothly and efficiently, despite it being a big planet.

No thanks. Not interested. :(:(:(:(:frowning:

Gary -

What type of letter pray tell.

Just heard from an RE agent. No word on the content, but she did say that it came from “company attorneys”. This news is new, so I did not pry. As the news sets in, who knows what the RE and office reactions will be.

News about any laws being abolished are very rare, let alone in the RE industry.

“Oh, my gosh. No licensing laws? What do we do now? What do we say? How do we tell our clients? How will our forms change? Oh my…”

The reason I was asking was I heerd a little rumor thst some inspectors in another group was telling realestators that the BAD inspectors (anybody not a part of their club OR that opposed licensure) caused this AND to pay those bad guys back the realestators should only refer the GOOD inspectors.

So I was just wondering what the realtors attorneys were saying.

I hope the RE’s understand that what they hear is all backwards.

Dan, since you, Buck and I are Certified Master Inspectors, this means we are the bad guys.

Amazing. And they wonder why the laws went away.

Since many people on this message board do not like licensing, and this is the first time I recall that HI licensing being rescinded in any state, it surprises me that there are hardly any other responses to this subject.

I guess people like following the leader, like regulation, and lack of freedom that comes with it. I am surprised.


April 12, 2013

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) _ Gov. Sam Brownback has issued his first veto of a bill from this year’s legislative session.
Brownback on Thursday vetoed a bill that would have made a board that regulates home inspectors a permanent board. Without the extension, the board will expire July 1.

The governor said in a statement that he saw little evidence that large numbers of Kansans are being harmed by home inspectors. He says the board adds unnecessary fees and regulations to law abiding citizens.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the board, which was created in 2008, is funded every year by about $15,000 in fees, not the state general fund.

The bill was supported by the Kansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors and the Kansas Association of Realtors.