Age for Amana furnace

This is the most “bizarre” heating system I have ever seen. I don’t know what to make of it. Make is Amana. Ser# AK Q86052580-8

It is a gas forced air system that is also connected some how to the Solar hot water system. Two 1" copper lines are attached to one of the hot water storage tanks and runn throught the furnace. When the front cover was removed, all I could say was “Holy $hit !!” :shock: Anyone have any experiance with one of these. I will put more pics up in a bit. Right now I just need an age for the report. (Although I am pretty sure the guy is going to rip it all out anyway) Thanks in advance !

Another pic- The cup is to cath the Anti-freeze that is leaking somewhere in the Solor piping. When you activate the furnace the whole house smell like your car overheated!!

Storage thru furnace anad back to storage tank.

June 1986…

Good grief Gertie, what a gosh awful glob of ganlion…

Yep, was the biggest mess I’ve seen. Never could see what the Natural gas line was for. It never fired. The furnace just used heat from the Solar Hot water sytem when heat was called for.

Thanks Jae

What a terrific break for you. Its obvious it has a problem and from your post you appear in over your head - SO - You’re going to recommend that a licensed and competent heating contractor service and repair the heating unit due to conditions such as … While servicing the unit you recommend that the contractor verify the proper operation of the complete system due to it being such an unusual system.