Age help!

Hello. could someone please provide some age assistance? i’m stuck.
i do appreciate it.

model G2003/4E-125-4
serial 5893A12930

also water heater

model FG1F5040T3NOV
serial 0409139136

Mike -

You really ought to invest in a “Preston Guide” for HVAC.

What was Gas Code on Water Heater???

According to my notes, the Lennox was built in Jan of 93. 12500 BTU

My guess is the water heater is a 91, that’s just a guess though so if someone else has something more definitive go with that. If you could post a pic of the labels it might help. Sometimes the date is actually printed elsewhere.

Lennox is January 1993. Using the serial number, the first two digits are the plant number, the third and fourth digits are the year, and the letter A is for January.

For Whirlpool, using the serial number, it’s either April of 2009 or September 2004, so I have to go with September 2004 for obvious reasons. And, in fact, the first two digits are the year and the next two digits are the month, so it is, indeed, September 2004.

When determining month (which isn’t crucial anyways) It’s A-M (13 letters for twelve months, because you must omit the “I”.

and i’ll save my pennies and invest in a preston’s guide Dan.

thanks everyone for taking the time to help. much appreciated.

That will only solve 30% of your age-related problems. Also invest in a Technical Reference Guide. That will solve another 60%. To solve the other 10%, see your local doctor.

Prestons and TRG complement each other; they are not stand-alone documents for all age-related problems.