Age of AC Unit

Can anyone help with the age of this GE condensing unit
Model: BTR948C100AO,
Ser. : 229633A06

This serial does not match any information I have for GE.

Best guess based on general serial number info would 22nd week of 1996.

GE = Rheem
First two digits of the serial number are supposed to be the month (22?).
The second two digits are the year.

I’m with Jae on this one. If the first two numbers are “22” then it would likely be the 22nd week of 96.

22nd week of 1996 looks like the answer to me

Just food for thought - if memory serves me correctly, GE merged into TRANE about 1979 - 1982 +/-.

Therefore how could the condensor be a GE and built in 1996.

Is it just me, or for the most part cant you pretty much tell the age by looking at the unit?

You know that’s what I thought. and the old GE codes used the last 4 numbers, but it cant be a coincidence that the first 4 show the same pattern.

As far as telling by looking some manufactures had standard colors or designs in various eras but that only gets you close