Age of Comfort Aire Patriot 80 Oil Furnace

Comfore Aire Patriot 80 Serial Number #1611HO1889

Hello-- Could I get some help on this manufacture year- I can seem to find it on any Web site or material I have-

Thanks in advance



I need the model number please. Should start with an O

Ok… All I have based on the picture is FA 95 D4-3A… Hope this helps—Thanks!

No it didn’t lol.

The oil furnaces were manufactured under the heat controller brand name.

Also, several of the comfortaire brand have recalls.

Still coming up empty on year. All of the oil furnaces I see start with an O in the model number.

I found it here.

Hope this helps.

I tried calling them. They are closed until after the holiday.

Thank You very much… No luck here either!!

Have a great Labor Day weekend—