Age of Kemore Furnace

I need some help with the age of a KENMORE furnace. I look at PRESTON’S under Sears and can not find any information. Serial # L973943023, Mod. # FBF075B125. What do you think about the flame.

Thanks! for your help.

Kenmore is a STATE product (I believe). Therefore the first letter is the month followed by a 2 digit year.

L97 = Dec 1997

Thanks! Mark. That is what I reported.

I get November instead of December. No I.

Thanks! Ray. I just used the year.

Russel, where is the “I”?

Serial # L973943023, Mod. # FBF075B125

He means the “I” is skipped in the date code sequence.

Duhhh. I forgot about that. Thanks :smiley: