Age of Rheem Furnace

I Inspected This Rheem Furnace Yesterday And Could Not Pinpoint The Exact Year Of Manfg. Based On The Info I Had. The Ansi Year Is:1982, Which I Based The Est. Age On.
S/n Is: 3d208m48838871

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48th week - 83rd year.

Those older units had a bunch of extraneous numbers before they got to the good stuff. Then the current dating system applies – 1st two numbers are the week, 2nd two are the year.

At least, that’s what I have in some old manuals from that era.

ANSI probably approved that series in 1982. But if you’re not sure of the date the ANSI is close, usually.

Not 100% sure but I would go with 1983.


Thank you gentlemen for the info.