Age of Weather King?

Name on unit was Weather King. Name on data plate was Addison Products. Serial number was 29005150231. Model number OHCP24-1C. I’d guess 29th week of 2000 but unit looks a bit older than that.


Hi Ronald,

I believe you may have got the model # down wrong, I think that you are looking at a QHCP24-1C which prestons lists as current in 1988-89.

I hope that helps

BTW is is listed as a 24,600 BTU (2 ton) unit with SEER rating of only 9.6



Rheem bought the Weather King brand from Addison in 1989 so I suspect it is not a 2000 model, probably '88-'89 like Gerry says.

Yes its probably a Q as Gerry suggests. Data plate was hard to read. Thanks for the info. The people on this board are superb!

I have one the plate says " MFG Date 05/02"