Aimme visits the House of Horrors!

Miss Aimee J. is arriving this evening in Toronto and she will be appearing at the House of Horrors on Saturday!

A 5 hour plane ride to attend the Chapter meeting at the house of horrors! :o

…and they think us Canuks are crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy! :wink:

So, now is your chance to meet and chat awhile with Aimee and meet one of the ladies from head office in Colorado.

Bring flowers, bring coffee, (LOL) bring questions, and bring someone with you!

This was a great event to start out 2006! For any of you out there that have not had the opportunity to meet Aimee, Bob, Larry or Helen, whenever you get the chance, make the effort. You will not be disappointed. The meeting is always fun, informative, and downright helpful for anyones home inspection business! I am looking forward to many more events put together by the DuKa and South Western Ontario Chapters!



Thanks to Bob and his crew for setting this “house of Horrors” up. A great way to learn/teach and experience the many nightmares an old house has to
offer. I attended with my partner and enjoyed meeting Aimee from the head
office. I highly recommend to those that missed the opportunity to call Bob
and set up a time to take your whole crew. Another reason NACHI rules the
home inspection front…doing more to help our business than just taking

Dave Ingram
Home N Spec-Newmarket, Ontario