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When your inspectors inspect the heating and air unit do they take the cover off to look at the unit and note anything that may be written about the unit such as part that’s was installed it’s not the part that goes on unit or part has been replaced 32 times in the past 4 years?

If you’re attempting to ask a question could you be a little clearer.

Home Inspection Standards of Practice
2. Limitations, Exceptions & Exclusions
2.2. Exclusions:

III. The inspector is not required to:
B. dismantle, open or uncover any system or component.

I can’t think of any reason why would you expect the home inspector to know anything about the history of the unit (e.g., that a specific part has been replaced multiple times over a period of 4 years). The inspector visits the house once and inspects/reports on the observed condition that the system is in at the time of the inspection. How could they possibly know the specific history of that system or predict what will occur in the future? They do not, as a practice pass on second hand, unverifiable information (hearsay). If the system has had a problematic history that has not been properly rectified, it should be disclosed by the person selling the property.

I know many outstanding inspectors but not even the best of them are omniscient.