Air filtration system


Any one have any information on the below picture of an air filtration system.

found it in a home that other day during an inspection, as it is part of new construction, need to know more about it.

thanks in advance for all your input.


thank you Micheal

It’s very important to change the filters on these units often.

I had one two weeks ago where the filter was clogged and wasn’t cleaned in months. This clogged filter defeats the purpose of the air exchanger itself.

this would not be used as an exhaust fan for a bathroom or three.
as what im gathering is it is an air exchanger with in the house and not exhausted to the out side, is this true?

Often seperate exhaust runs from the baths and kitchen areas will be run to the HRV to recover the heat and remove the moisture from those areas.

It is an exhaust fan that warms the fresh incoming air with the warm moist exhaust air through the heat exchanger. Hence the name heat recovery ventillator.

This link seems to explain a bit and might be of some help.

Marcel :):smiley: