Air sampling questions

So I’m setting up air quality sampling, and I wanted to get y’all’s opinion here…

Originally I had some questions regarding how many cassettes needed, compared with expected costs, because my initial math showed the costs rapidly outpacing my ability to charge.
I sent these off at Inspector Outlet where Nick connected me to Josh at ProLab. I spent some time talking with Josh and he made it pretty clear two outdoor samples were not needed, but in the advanced mold training Ben makes it clear that iac2 wants 2 outdoor samples, but that if it isn’t convenient than you can make do with just one outdoor sample.

So, how many outdoor samples? How many indoor? I thought it was one per about 1000 sq ft, but Ben stated 3 is preference, but most clients will only pay for 1.

Just trying to do right by my clients.

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In this video he just aimed the cassette at the vent, maybe 3 feet away while system running…. I thought they were suppose to be 10 feet away from interior vent?

If you are going to advertise you are in IAC2 mold inspector you had better follow that standard of practice. The cost for the cartridges and the lab fees are minimal, it doesn’t affect how much I charge. I charge almost twice what my competitors charge. I pay myself for my time they give it away for free.

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Make sure you have reserved a lot of money for the attorneys and the court fees.

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I take one exterior, I charge per sample, so as many interior as the client requests

It appears you are not a IAC2 member so you can do whatever your insurance company will cover.

You need to make the decision as an inspector if you want to provide a cheap service or a quality service.

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I have never taken more than one outside baseline.
On the inside, I concentrate on location of mold or suspect mold.
Yesterday I collected two samples. The inside was a bedroom where there was faulty bamboo floor installation. Some of the areas were stained black, indicating trapped moisture underneath.

Be sure to collect the outside not adjacent to shrubs, etc. or on the porch or rear by a pool.

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