Air Sealing in the attic

Topic for InterNACHI class

Air Sealing your home to reduce energy Costs.
Before starting any work, review of proper safety precautions to become familiar with safe practices for each aspect of a job is Recommended.
Air sealing is an easy way to reduce heat loss in your home. Like many projects going after the “low hanging fruit” can provide some of the best results, quickly and often at very little costs.
From the attic “air sealing” around ceiling penetrations, including – electrical boxes, any ceiling penetrations for HVAC duct work, ducting for venting fans, and electrical wires routed through framed wall “top plates” can be accomplished with basic caulking or firestop caulk.
Additionally carefully pulling back of insulation over frame wall “top plates” and sealing along the drywall seam at the frame wall intersection will improve the “air sealing” effort.
Close examination to determine if any interior soffits are “open” to the attic, may reveal the need to seal soffits from the attic side. Options for materials to close “open soffits” vary and selecting a material that is easy to work with in sometimes tight attic spaces can make the job easier.

DeWayne Silberhorn
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