Alarms, Ionization vs Photoelectric

I’d be interested in hearing what anyone thinks about this news report. Would you still recommend both detectors?

Wow, ASHI has a position.

I always recommend both types of smoke detectors along with Carbon Monoxide detectors.

Yes I will!

· **Safety Tip: **You should replace your smoke detector every 10 years. That is over 87,000 hours of service! Replace the batteries in your existing unit (if equipped). Ionization technology responds first to fast, flaming fires while photoelectric technology responds faster to slow smouldering fires. Having both types would be ideal. It is recommended that a smoke detector be installed on every floor and every bedroom of the home for improved safety.

I will still recommend both but lost some faith in the Ionization type. This is why it is better to have both.

It is Law in Vermont to install photoelectric units. The house cannot transfer without them on each floor and adjacent to any room a person sleeps at a minimum.