Alberta AGM Update

We are and have developed our own (CanNACHI"s) SOP based using the best combinations of our competitor associations.There was some miss communications with InterNACHI and how CanNACHI will be run, so it was not only CanNACHI"s board of directors changing this vision, it was mutual between the two associations.
Yes you pay dues to any association one belongs to such as CanNACHI as once again mentioned we are a seperate association from all others
And one final note …we are in great strides in developement, very strong with financial backings, and have a powerful board of directors,We Shall Succeed!!!

Allen Who is the powerful board of directors?

I am listed on the relocation program and have been for the last 5 years, initially I did not belong to any inspection organization; as long as you are a qualified inspector and meet thier other criterea such as having errors and ommisions insurance to mention one,they will put you on thier list. Check thier site


If I may ask, who are those powerful directors?

I think they have to distance themselves from NACHI for legal reasons at least. From what we learned at the AGM CanNACHI will be set up on the net in a very similar way and the education will be paramount AND CANADIAN so I’m all for it. I can be a member of both and probably will.